by Chris Nicholas and Dave Lamplugh

#1: Guard Dogs
#2: Plots
#3: Three Hit Men
#4: Phones



front cover

Issue 3: Three Hit Men
The story so far: Ricky Bellini, son of mob boss Constantine Bellini, has been murdered. Lem Bivage is interrogated about the killing by Detectives Letter and Lessan, two cops in the Bellini Family's pocket. Lem escapes to Canada and begins trying to raise some money through blackmail, using some compromising photos he has acquired, one of which is of Lessan. Virt, Ricky's dimwitted brother, believes the killer is from a rival crime family, but Letter is not convinced. The two argue and look to Constantine to settle the matter. The don remains mute, showing signs of a nervous breakdown impending due to his son's demise. Police officer Scott Jeffold begins an affair with Diane Jensen, and they plot the murder of her husband, Bob. Meanwhile, in Canada, Lem argues with a totem pole, hallucinating that it is someone named Jim.