by Chris Nicholas and Dave Lamplugh

#1: Guard Dogs
#2: Plots
#3: Three Hit Men
#4: Phones



front cover

Issue 4: Phones
Lem Bivage: Drunk, sleazebag, fixer, criminal. He's on the lam and needs cash, bad.
Bob Jensen: A mob accountant and scratch golfer; Bob's up to more than the usual amount of no good.
Diane Jensen: Bob's beautiful, young wife. For some reason she seems to want Bob dead. But why?
Scott Jeffold: Young, handsome cop & Diane's lover. Helping plot Bob's murder may be more than he can handle.
Ricky Bellini: Heir apparent to the Bellini family crime syndicate. Dashing, debonair . . . dead.
Det. Letter: A dirty cop that works for the Don, Hal wants to prevent a mob war and thinks Lem is the key.
Det. Lessan: Letter's partner. Big, dumb, mean and ugly. He's got a dirty little secret to keep.
Jim Heirdahl: Insurance salesman or psychotic hitman? One thing's for certain, he doesn't care for dogs.
Constantine Bellini: Aging Don of the Bellini family. Since son Ricky died, he ain't exactly been all there.
Virt Bellini: Ricky's younger brother, a pugnacious little cretin. He's just itching to take it to the streets.